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iPhone : Pete Shelley wrote perfect three minute pop songs. The soundtrack to being a teenager. You’ll be missed Pete but you’ll be remembered for a long long time for your brilliant music youtu.be/51OB2YoC4sg

iPhone : If you’re anything like me, Ever Fallen In Love will be rattling round your brain for the next couple of hours. Here’s the lyrics from Smash Hits in case you get lost... RIP Pete Shelley.

Twitter Web Client : How come whenever I click on someone's name in the 'trending' sidebar who I like; Bowie, Lemmy, Rik Mayall, Pete Shelley...etc, it's always to find out they've died?

Yet, when I see "Tony Blair" in the sidebar and click on it, I find out he's just been flapping his mouth again?

iPhone : I loved Pete Shelley's songwriting, I really did - but there were still no finer Buzzcocks tracks than "Airwaves Dream" or "Harmony In My Head" by STEVE DIGGLE. Outside the Beatles, few bands could boast TWO writers of such class.

Twitter for iPad : When the late great Pete Shelley went solo and released this single, it was banned by the BBC for “explicit references” to gay sex. The BBC - hypocritical in the 1970’s, still being hypocritical in the 1980’s. Pete Shelley "Homosapien" (1981) youtu.be/2HwmO_GZfzI via YouTube