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#ポケモン剣盾 で受け取れる #でかいきんのたま ×50個が、抽選で1万人に当たります👏



Sprinklr : Cancelling plans is ok. Failing to capture Pikachu is ok. Quitting a life of crime to open a malasada truck with your friends is ok. Blasting off again is ok. Do what you need to try and capture Pokémon for the boss.

Salesforce - Social Studio : ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネルで、動画「ヒトカゲといっしょ」が公開! 焚き火の音をじっくりと聴けるASMR動画だよ。キミのそばで安心して眠るヒトカゲといっしょに癒やされてみては? #ASMR

Android : Pokémon ha publicado hoy otro vídeo ASMR protagonizado por Chespin comiendo dulces.

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Android : マスターボール5個

応募完了です( ¯꒳¯ )b


iPhone : 200 additional Pokemon are coming to Sword and Shield, but there will inevitably be some fan favorites left out. Which ones should make the cut?

Do your civic duty as a Galarian and VOTE.

Android : I don't know what I'd buy. I already have a home in Galar, but I hardly used it for more than decorating and planting... My Pokémon live there more than I do... Maybe I should get something close by. Somewhere I can go to lock myself up since the green house didn't work out...

iPhone : Pokémon Stans: We want all the Pokémon now 😤😤😤

Smash Stans: This isn’t the fighter anyone wanted 😤😤😤

Animal Crossing Stans: Oh my god! They updated the mailbox! Look at those toe beans! Did you see the new bags?! The wind! 🏝🥰💕👀🍃