Twitter Web App : NEW YORK TIMES: "In his discussion with Bolton, Trump focused on the theories Giuliani shared with him...he preferred sending no aid to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia probe that related to Biden and Ukrainian Clinton supporters."

iPhone : On August, when “Bolton raised the $391 million in congressionally appropriated assistance to Ukraine” Trump said “he preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to Mr. Biden”…

Tweetbot for iΟS : please stop asking "what are your preferred pronouns" and simply ask "what are your pronouns" instead. "preferred" implies that it's an optional thing to respect them.

iPhone : I won't be happy until we are the slowest in the OECD. Remember my peeps, you voted for #fraudband 3 times now so you were sending a message, slow #nbn was your preferred option. For I am #ScottyfromMarketing . Btw, HOW GOOD IS SHITHOUSE BROADBAND?…

Android : Today’s quick #quiz is a newsworthy one: Which of these is Americans’ preferred news source? Tap your best guess below and we’ll reveal the answer tomorrow. #NewsLiteracyWeek

Twitter Web App : Tommy Kelley Do you have a preferred standard Free State menu item that you pair with John Brown Ale?

Android : PAID GIG: looking for an interior artist for a short graphic novel. Submissions from POC and QPOC preferred, with a cinematic or painted style. Please reply to this post with links and portfolios. #HiringForComics

iPhone : (I’d have preferred that she came to Gloucester 10 years earlier: 1999 isn’t particularly interesting, but the idea that the Doctor became hidden from view in 1989 would’ve been delicious) #doctorwho

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TweetDeck : Paul Tassi I don't think that's a good excuse to perpetuate datamined spoilers though. I would rather have the game lead me in the direction than have it spread all over twitter. If the game makes me thing" Oh, well this is obvious" that's completely different and much preferred