iPhone : ‘Queen of Asia’ LIM YOONA is gathering attention as the ‘actress of the year’, attending the closing ceremony of the Macau International Film Festival and winning the ‘The Asian Stars Up Next Awards’! 🏆

#LIMYOONA #임윤아 #소녀시대 #GirlsGeneration

iPhone : He lied about hospitals, nurses, Brexit being done, fact checking, the economy, a 4-year old in A&E, the Russia report, selling the NHS; he stole a phone, hid in a fridge, hid from Andrew Neil, lied to the Queen, even lied about lying. And still might win.

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Twitter Web App : 【コミック】
『Queens Orders』第58話!





iPhone : #WhoIsTacha she is a lady that can't run out of content the queen that made old and young Internet literate on ig and twitter I call her influencer of the universe. No rest for twitter till Donald Trump invitesyou.pays heavy dollars to learn strategy to win Americans heart.

iPhone : New Jersey has Whitney Houston
New Jersey has Kyrie Irving
New Jersey has SZA
New Jersey has Shaq
New Jersey has Queen Latifah
New Jersey has naughty by Nature
New Jersey has gas pumpers
New Jersey has Six Flags
New Jersey has Atlantic City twitter.com/its_bailie_/st…

NewTweet2000 : Os sons de gemidos na canção Rocket Queen do Guns N' Roses eram os sons da namorada de Steve Adler tendo relações sexuais com Axl Rose.

Android : A thread**

Most women go through life looking for love, and looking for someone to treat them like a queen. For some women finding real love seems to be something that will never happen. I believe that finding love is not as hard as people make it seem.

iPhone : 【本日12月12日23時30分放送】クイーンの来日を記念した25分の特番『QUEEN来日記念 スペシャル・セレクション』がBSフジで12月12日放送。クイーン名曲の伝説を貴重なPV満載で振り返る。番組の最後には特別なお知らせも amass.jp/128752/

iPhone : Queen & Slim is a masterpiece, and somehow managed to keep me sobbing (AND laughing) from start to end.

iPhone : The queef queen 🤣

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