iPhone : Another important part of this story is the role of the UAE in promoting and supporting MBS, as well as the role of the UAE ambassador to Washington.

The UAE’s own repression goes under the radar, in no small part due to how much Emirati money flows into D.C.

SocialFlow : Russian President Vladimir Putin has mostly kept his two adult daughters off the public's radar. But now a woman reported to be his younger daughter has appeared on a Russian TV show. nyti.ms/2RMaMK6

Android : I think the girl is in over her head - she’s just not intelligent enough to be moving into the position she’ll soon be holding.

She’d be a lot better off if she’d just shut her mouth, and try to slide under the radar as much as possible twitter.com/mitchellvii/st…

Twitter Lite : If Trump was not the president he'd still be doing shady shit under the radar and living the good life. Winning the presidency was the dumbest thing he ever did for him and his kids and accomplices.

They will all go down.

Twitter Lite : #ISRO to launch dedicated satellite for IAF in 3rd week of December

Once Isro places Gsat-7A in the geo stationary orbit, the communication satellite will enable the IAF to interlink different ground radar stations, airbases and AWACS aircraft. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/i…

Android : BBC Sport Look how he was crucified over his gun tattoo but no mention of her out little mix in any negative way for doing the same.... No place for racism in any sport, or the UK for that matter... media bias hapoens Sterling has got it bang on

Android : #Pt. Military source now says air defenses were activated tonight in #Damascus area following a bug (possibly jamming) on their radar. #Syria