Twitter Web Client : My London taxi driver asked why I was in the UK; I told him about Tommy Robinson. He was very interested & had been following the case closely. When we finally got to my hotel, the driver refused payment, even though I insisted. Tommy has huge popular support under the MSM radar.

Twitter Web Client : With our homelands being destroyed by Third World immigration, normal people simply do not care about Russia. The "outrage" is simply manufactured among the establishment class. The Russia conspiracy theory does not even register on the radar of the average guy.

Android : Bobe He is worth it, Adams is the strongest center in the league (and my guy is Embiid) and he has such a light touch, really really good player, under the radar good

twitter_raspo : United States Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster III (08-8195, #AE2FA7) as flight #RCH146 at 29000 ft heading east bound OTT south west of #EDDC

Twitter Web Client : Ian Miles Cheong Turning that argument around on them, someone like Gary Burghoff should never have been allowed to play Radar O'Reilly in MASH because he has a physical disability and is playing a non-disabled character.

TweetDeck : No puedo creer lo afinado que tengo el ojo que ya puedo detectar un pro-vida antes que abra la boca y escupa bosta es como un bebito™-radar.

iPhone : Sometimes I lose faith in humanity but then there’s times like now where I passed a man holding a sign that says “speed trap ahead” on the side of the road and sure enough there were cops hiding on a small side street with radar guns a couple streets down