TweetDeck : AOC makes a RUSH TO JUDGEMENT, Embarrasses herself MISERABLY.. 🤣


Hootsuite Inc. : *BOMBSHELL: “It’s dismaying to see the rush to judgment... People saw what they wanted to see before learning any of the facts, or didn’t even make much of an effort to pay attention to the facts.”*…

iPhone : CLUB RUSH 🤩
Thank you for joining everyone! Next Tuesday, September 24, will be our first official meeting of the year. Hope to see you there 🤙♥️

Twitter Web App : #ThingsMyBossSays (To me) "You'll be there with bells in your hair! Sugar rush! Ok, I'll stop talking."

Android : Many people dont realize that you can buy a Tesla *today* that can do almost all driving for you.

In this thread, Id like to take you with me on a a 30 mile 1 hour 20 minute car trip during rush hour in Los Angeles.

First the car drives us to the freeway Elon Musk

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Twitter Web App : Anyone have any recommendations for Waze or Google Maps alternatives? They both have gotten pretty wonky over the last 6 months, looking for something that can do a decent job directing me through horrendous Bay Area traffic during rush hour(s and hours and hours)

friendly fem tech bot : Join the conversation with Christina Fitzpatrick featuring our panel at the #fashion and #beautytech Miami chapter launch event at #thelabmiami.

Rush for the last tickets available at…

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