TweetDeck : Black women nominated for acting Emmys:

Issa Rae
Tracee Ellis Ross
Tiffany Haddish
Wanda Sykes
Zazie Beetz
Leslie Jones
Thandie Newton
Cicely Tyson
Viola Davis
Samira Wiley
Kelly Jenrette
Adina Porter
Letitia Wright
Diarra Kilpatrick

iPhone : ******URGENT****
Chloe Nelson has been missing since June 27th.

Age: 18

Nobody has had any luck contacting her or hearing from her.

If you or someone you know may have information about the location of Chloe please let me know.

Please retweet!!!!

iPhone : Today at work I was @ drive thru & the man @ the window wanted to pay for the person behind him & he said “tell her I think she’s hot” so she pulls up next and I tell her and she rolls her eyes, smiles, & says “that’s my husband” and if that’s not relationship goals idk what is

iPhone : Love Island have hardly ever shown Samira the whole series but we've seen all of her crying moments and so-called 'snake' moments. I'm glad she's going home. She's not been treated well on this show at all. #loveisland #samira

Twitter for iPad : Three judges and six other lawyers appear in court over an alleged plot to scam £12.6million from the legal aid system

Kareena Maciel
Rasib Ghaffar
Razi Shah
Gazi Khan
Shahid Rashid
Joseph Ameyaw-Kyeremeh
Azhar Khan
Lloyd Moody
Samira Bashi…

iPhone : I’ve been saying Alex does not deserve all the love he gets, he’s literally had a chance with Samira, Megan, Ellie, Grace, Charlie, he finally got with Alex and STILL wanted more. is the problem with all of these girls or maybe with the common denominator? ALEX #loveisland