iPhone : The left is attacking my new book, #MadPolitics, because they’re terrified of the case I make that Donald J. Trump is sane & they are the ones who are crazy.

Best cure for #TDS & as Sean Hannity says, “it’s cheaper than a therapy session!”

Get yours!

Android : Ufff! Too much Pak propaganda. Fact that 70 years plus Pak failed to get Kashmir despite terror & wars shows Kashmiris don't want to be with state sponsors of terror. And no sane person would have a soft spot for armed Jaish e Muhammed terrrorists who infiltrate to spread terror. twitter.com/MehrTarar/stat…

Twitter Web Client : O senegalês Pierre Sané, ex-diretor geral da Anistia Internacional e ex-diretor geral adjunto da Unesco mandou uma mensagem para Lula: Para nós, você é um símbolo mundial na luta por democracia, como Mandela foi um símbolo na luta contra o racismo

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Twitter for iPad : So Trent has now pocketed


I bet hes made millions from pocket money

iPhone : All the stress that’s been around,
I’m trying to stay clear from it.

I’m just trying to stay sane & keep a level of peace of mind.

Android : When Neymar meets Sane and Ronaldo in Trent’s pocket

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iPhone : She traumatized Rogue. The identity of Carol Danvers had to be buried deep in her subconscious in order for her to be sane.

Twitter Web Client : ok i always save shows for the next day at work (you guys at Earwolf keep me sane) but i am soooo tempted...wow 3 improvers with 3 instrument players could not of been easy props to all 6 of you and that lil elf you guys captured who syncs everyone up twitter.com/OffBookPod/sta…