Hootsuite Inc. : #FRA 1-0 #PER (35') #Rusia2018 - Mbappé #FRA (19 años y 183 días), supera a David Trezeguet (20 años y 246 días contra Arabia Saudí #KSA en 1998) y se convierte en el goleador más joven de Francia en TODA la historia de la Copa del Mundo.

Hootsuite Inc. : #FRA 1-0 #PER (FT) #Rusia2018 - Francia #FRA es la tercera selección clasificada para octavos, tras Rusia #RUS y Uruguay #URU. Perú #PER es la cuarta eliminada, tras Marruecos #MAR, Egipto #EGY y Arabia Saudí #KSA.

iPhone : On Sunday, Saudi Arabia will end the worlds only ban on women drivers. Heres what you need to know: cnn.it/2yDRO2S

Android : WhatsApp Group: #WorldCup

Egypt left group
Morocco left group
Saudi Arabia left group
Argentina pending
Spain typing message
Senegal recording Audio
Russia online
Uruguay online
Croatia online
Nigeria pending
South Africa last seen 2010
Ghana blocked

Twitter for iPad : JamieR Karma is coming. They get to live with themselves and be who they are. Maybe a one way ticket to Saudi Arabia. I hear it’s beautiful there. 🧕🏿🧕🏿🧕🏿🧕🏿

iPhone : The tension in Saudi Arabia over women's driving is a microcosm of how the Kingdom has had to balance progressive and conservative forces over the years. #KSA #womendriving

Android : WhatsApp Group: WORLD CUP 2018

👉Egypt has left group
👉Morocco has left group
👉Saudi Arabia has left group
👉Spain typing message
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👉Senegal recording Audio
👉Russia online
👉Uruguay online
👉South Africa last seen 2010
👉Zimbabwe Blocked