Media Studio : Saudi Arabia murdered a journalist. Donald J. Trump is trying to help them cover it up. Why? Is it because he cares more about stuffing his own pockets with their cash than he does about a free & independent press?

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Media Studio : The extrajudicial and extraterritorial murder of a journalist is something we would expect of the Kremlin, not an ally.

Jamal Khashoggi’s death must cause us to re-examine our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and that should begin with the suspension of military aid in Yemen.

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TweetDeck : ÚLTIMA HORA | Alemania suspenderá la venta de armas a Arabia Saudí. Es la reacción de Merkel a la crisis por la muerte del periodista Khashoggi.…

Twitter Web Client : [Donald Trump]s a tough guy when it comes to cutting health care for children, not such a tough guy when it comes to the dictators in Saudi Arabia and their murder. Bernie Sanders

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iPhone : Prime Minister Imran Khan arrives in Saudi Arabia. The Prime Minister is accompanied by Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Finance Minister Asad Umar, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Adviser to PM on Investment Abdul Razak Dawood.

Imran Khan

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Android : 🔥WHOA🔥

Surveillance video shows that Saudi Arabia used a *body double* who left the consulate wearing Jamal #Khashoggis clothes after he was killed in an attempt to cover up his MURDER.

Who brings a bone saw and a body double to an accidental death⁉️

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Android : PSOE, PP y Cs prefieren esperar a ver si el periodista fue asesinado a golpes, asfixiado o descuartizado antes de decidir si dejamos de vender armas a Arabia Saudí.

Parece que esto de ser partidos monárquicos incluye proteger también a las amistades turbias de la Casa Real.

iPhone : The State Dept called Iran the #1 terror exporter. Yet Obama did the Iran Deal even though the Ayatollahs chanted "death to America" before AND after.

But Trump critics want him to cut ties with Saudi Arabia over the death of a Saudi columnist with a visitor's visa?


iPhone : Remember when Trump supporters said Hillary was in bed with Saudi Arabia, and claimed that should automatically disqualify her from being president?

Just wanted to remind everyone of that while Trump helps them cover up a murder so he can make money.