SocialFlow : Scientists Discover Oil Originally Buried Deep Underground By Early Humans Desperate To Shield Humanity From Its Consequences

TweetDeck : Umar Khalid’s tweet is problematic at multiple levels. Seeds of division weren't sown by ‘Hindutva brigade’ but by people from his community who murdered Kamlesh Tiwari

Two days after the murder ‘seculars’ launch a tirade against Hindus to shield Islamism…

iPhone : ▪️#Turkey is the only state that directly fights against DEASH.

▪With Operation Euphrates Shield, we have paved the way for the collapse of DEASH in Syria by neutralizing over 3000 DEASH terrorists.

▪Turkey will continue its resolute fight against all terrorist organizations.

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iPhone : Meghan Markle 'uses hair to shield her face' and displays 'barrier gestures with hands' at event…

iPhone : Getting my #Emgality shot is a fight left and right between pharmacy mistakes, the Emgality discount card, and the hoops of Blue Cross Blue Shield. #migraine #migraineawareness #disability

Android : My first attempt at shield surfing... became a bruh moment. #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch

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iPhone : My first attempt at shield surfing... became a bruh moment. #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch

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Twitter Web App : Political ideology used to be largely about the role of government. Somewhere along the way, religiosity got tangled into the mess and now it is the shield that people throw up to protect them from reconciling the behaviors of abhorrent people with their own support.…

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Android : What does being "a loving and committed husband and father" have to do with this situation, other than being a convenient vehicle to hide behind the "see, I can't possibly disrespect women if I'm married to one" shield?…

Twitter Web App : This makes zero sense.🤷🏼‍♀️
Why does the #GOP continue to shield trump from the repercussions of his shenanigans when they could swear in Pence instead.

I’m not saying I prefer Pence. But don’t you think the @gop would?They could achieve their conservative goals minus the chaos.

Android : Agents of shield atropelando vingadores ultimato e tendo a melhor viagem no tempo da marvel