iPhone : 3/ More will come out. More will be revealed. The truth will out.

Trump will skate.

Republicans will be left holding the fecal end of the stick.

Live in fear, lose in shame.

Twitter Web App : What's this? Corruption in Manhattan DA Cy Vance's office? The guy who let Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Harvey Weinstein skate? Construction corruption? Wha? 😎 twitter.com/DemopJ/status/…

iPhone : i remember being a kid & all the homies wishing for a skate shoe sponsorship. i’m an adult now & the only sponsorship i’m wishing & hoping for is from Celestial Seasonings for their throat coat tea. the stuff is magical.

IFTTT : #RT Funko: Funko Shop Exclusive Items: Ron English Mona Lisa Grin Vinyl and Skate Board Deck
Visit shop.funko.com at 11AM PST.
These items are available for online purchase only.
Ron English #RonEnglish …

iPhone : Seeing Tyler, The Creator Progress Since I Was A Freshman In Highschool On Some Skate Shit To What Hes Doing Now Gives Me So Much Hope & Energy

Twitter Web App : Moments like these are what I skate for.💙I enjoyed performing at the US Championships. Thank you to everybody who supported me so far through my senior debut season. Also, I’m very pleased to have been selected for the Four Continents Championship in Seoul, Korea in two weeks!🇰🇷

Sprout Social : 📅 #MyRDC events this week:
Jan 28: Communitea
Jan 29: RDC raising #BellLetsTalk flag
Jan 29: Wellness Wednesday Workshop: Harm Reduction & Overdose Prevention
Jan 30 - Mar 19: PCN: Happiness Basics
Feb 1: Free public skate

Android : ...is that someone other than Bolton at NSC in the review process leaked it and timed the leak to really jam up the Republicans who were *this* close to being able to skate away from the witnesses question. They still can, but now it costs more to some of them, politically. /4