SocialFlow : In contrast to the cost overruns and cancellations of American programmes, the Russian Soyuz system has been an unabashed success

TweetDeck : Não basta o cara ter treinado anos, sentado a bunda numa Soyuz e passado uma semana na Estação Espacial, se você vota no candidato errado perde o direito de se chamar astronauta. Asefudê.…

SocialFlow : The entire world just lost its only ride to the space station

SocialOomph : #Programming Space Community Vows to Bounce Back After Soyuz Mishap: With the Russian Soyuz spacecraft officially out of commission, what does that mean for space exploration? And more importantly, the crew on the Internation.. via

Android : I need to say I'm happy that the crew of the Soyuz 10 is fine! Nick Hague
Now I'm embarrassed to admit that I knew very little about rocket emergemcy landing systems (now I'm becoming a fan of them). Here's a SAS basic description. Scott Kelly…

IFTTT : Kazakh officials say some 22 tons of kerosine and liquid oxygen had been dumped as a result of the booster malfunction… EurasiaNet RT #futurerisk

Android : Tras sacar tiempo para leerlo, confirmo que este artículo de @eurekablog es tan bueno como me lo pintaron.

Si queréis saber con todo tipo de detalles lo que sucedió en el lanzamiento abortado de la Soyuz el otro día, esto es lo mejor que podéis leer:

Twitter Lite : So Rrruff set up Halloween decorations a few days back...

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