iPhone : โ€œSpeaker Ryan should go to prison for letting Rep. Devin Nunes obstruct justice, leak information & violate his recusal from the Russia probes again & again.โ€ Scott Dworkin on #AMJoy on MSNBC

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Dynamic Signal : Beers with Talos EP27: Speaker line-up for Talos Threat Research Summit, Smart Installer, How it Works: discovering vulns and working with vendors #ciscosecurity #security #talosintelligence #cisco #network #cisconetwork #psirt #cybersecurity #infosecurity bit.ly/2vx2I98

Mobile Web (M2) : BobsRepair will be attending BCNation in Miami next week. Our board member Andrew Filipowski Flip will be a keynote speaker. If you are in town let us know!

Twitter Web Client : The District Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is running in is NY-14. Bernie got over 40% there despite it being 72% people of color. Ocasio can definitely appeal to this district and is probably one of the most likely JD pickups. The incumbent is Joe Crowley, who may replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker. twitter.com/justicedems/stโ€ฆ

Tumblr : langsandculture: latinextra: latinextra: latinextra: any spanish speaker: cojer mรฉxico and argentina:... tmblr.co/ZXS4we2XHa64n

Microsoft PowerApps and Flow : RT sps_madrid: Do you want to join this awesome panel? Today we will close C4P, so hurry up! buff.ly/2pLYHI0 #spsmad #c4p #speakerโ€ฆ

iPhone : [IG] Taehyun with DJ & speaker of Felix Castillo #NamTaehyun #๋‚จํƒœํ˜„
#SouthClubinMadrid #SouthClub #์‚ฌ์šฐ์Šคํด๋Ÿฝ #SOUTHCLUBxEUROPE

iPhone : Folks in Chicago, next week you should be attending GOTO Chicago! I'll be leading two hands on workshops and then talking about my pal Alexa and how you can build your own Skills with a #serverless backend. Use "[email protected]" to save 10% #justask twitter.com/GOTOchgo/statuโ€ฆ

iPhone : You people should tell Buhari that if we were lazy, we wouldn't have endured that long queue at the polling unit despite the stress, risk and tension to get his old complaining ass up there. With his mouth yen yen yen on every speaker insulting us upandan.