TweetDeck : The Astros just became the sixth team in MLB history to win 100 games in three consecutive seasons.

Philadelphia A's: 1929-1931
St. Louis Cardinals: 1942-44
Baltimore Orioles: 1969-71
Atlanta Braves: 1997-99
New York Yankees: 2002-04
Houston Astros: 2017-19

TweetDeck : Planned Parenthood isn't about health care.

Every year, Planned Parenthood commits over 1/3 of U.S. abortions — over 321,000.

That’s equivalent to St. Louis or Pittsburgh wiped out every year.

That’s over 880 abortions every day.

One abortion every 98 seconds.

SocialFlow : For five years, Champale Anderson has used her own money to make free snack bags for kids in her St. Louis neighborhood who would otherwise go hungry.

She started a GoFundMe with a goal of $1,500.

It's raised more than $60,000. (via STL Public Radio)

Untappd : Just added St. Louis Premium Framboise by Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck to our menu

iPhone : St. Louis Missouri interviewer Cory G music TV

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Twitter Web App : World-wide impact: Image of jazz great Miles Davis of Alton and East St. Louis can be seen in the window of a restaurant in St Petersburg, Russia.

TweetDeck : Tony Landon Wilson was also born in St Louis and he was a rookie that season and played 7 games prior to that clip.

I think the point was that they played some amateur hockey in St Louis. As far as I am aware neither Ranheim or Wilson did.

De Smet vs CBC (hype video)

The top two best teams in Missouri go head-to-head on ESPN tomorrow night! The national spotlight will be on St. Louis for the country to see💯

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iPhone : Most 100-Win Seasons MLB All-Time
New York Yankees 21
Oakland Athletics 10
St. Louis Cardinals 9
Atlanta Braves 8
Los Angeles Dodgers 7
San Francisco Giants 7

Twitter Web App : Kamala Harris I'll bet that Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis and a few other larger cities will have more shot on the streets or in a drive by shootings then in those places you listed Harris! By the way most shooting will be by PISTOL!