Twitter Web App : Two Ohio cops who staged a wrongful arrest of Stormy Daniels, allegedly to discredit her criticism of Trump, then lied to internal affairs investigators, have been fired, reports Neil Vigdor.…

China Xinhua News : Chinese New Year celebrations staged in Kobe, Japan. #LunarNewYear

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iPhone : WH’s Purpurra: Once you sweep away all of the bluster and innuendo, the selective leaks, the closed door examinations of the Democrats, hand-picked witnesses, the staged public hearings...What we're left with are six key facts that have not and will not change.

Instagram : Totally casual. Not at all staged photo from the works party last night…

iPhone : Tbc this grifter that other grifters are soiling their diapers over
1. Came to Oregon to so called clean up the the vermin infested blue states (fascist language)
2. Staged a fake picture w needles they brought
3. Did a voter registration drive in a state w automatic registration

Twitter Web App : heidioconnor13 NAB Acyn Torabi For instance we were told many times Assad was gassing his own people but the OPCW had a whistleblower come out and say the reports were lies and there is no evidence of nerve gas attacks or chlorine dropped from aircraft. All the evidence saved shows it was staged.

Twitter Web App : On this day in 1840, Chartists staged an unsuccessful rising in Bradford, Yorkshire. Find out more:…

Android : Protesters in #AndhraPradesh argued that the #CAA is unconstitutional as it violated the Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution. Talking about NRC, a protester said, “Not just Muslims, but Hindus have also opposed NRC in Assam.”

Twitter Web App : Darren of Plymouth 🇬🇧 That’s suspiscious. If it was so lethal they’d all be wearing face masks, especially in China. Wondering if the vids are being staged to create mass fear and panic and make billions overnight from vaccines they get the masses to accept?