Twitter Web App : 🏃‍♀️ to shop the STELLA MCCARTNEY X TAYLOR SWIFT Collection - some products only available until tomorrow at 4:59pm ET!!

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Twitter Web App : Kim Jae Hwan & Stella Jang tease a romantic Vacance in September in MV teaser…

Twitter Web App : Five Lansquenets And An Oriental On Horseback, 1495 #northernrenaissance #albrechtdurer

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Android : 河島有寿お誕生日おめでとう御座います。河島 有寿🍈8/29生誕祭池袋sound peace

【会場】白金高輪 SELENEb2
【時間】10:00開場 10:20開演(予定)
【価格】予約2500円 当日3000円
【出演】DollyKiss Update アンダービースティー TEARS Neat and Clean Sistersあにま にゅーわ Stella☆Blue メイビーME

iPhone : Taylor Swift has so many amazing corporate partnerships & deals going on in the Lovers era, and it just began:

-Capital One
-Apple Music
-Amazon Music
-Stella McCartney
-probably Instagram because of those IG lives


Android : 11. London Boy
não gostei mt não, mas as vezes é só amargura pois não tenho um garoto de londres pra chamar de meu
ps: stella maccartney obrigada por tudo