Twitter Web App : Our new Sure Start Plus will make sure every child has the best start in life.…

Android : On my visit to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hosp (Bhiwandi), I made a survey of the Medical Store, OPD, XRay, ICU & Maternity Department.
I have assured to start a CT Scan Center for the people within 15 Days.
I will make sure there are no more sufferings in Bhiwandi.

iPhone : So pleased to be back with Team-HARD.™ for 2020 in the BTCC

A big testing plan is in place to make sure we come out fighting at the start of the year.

Thanks to all of my partners and fans for making this all possible.


Android : Not sure where me being an intersectional feminist that focuses on the injustices of black women/lgbtq+ communities have anything to do with a gg like??we can have a conversation about how women are treated in the idol industry but this isn’t how we start it…

iPhone : when you start to feel a pimple coming in

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Android : Gerardus T. Hauwert You study from a whitewash Confederate history book. That I'm pretty sure told you Civil War wasn't about slavery and other lies.
I don't have time to go into details but why don't you start with fact-checking Robert Bryd story. He denounce KKK & REPENTED very early in his life.

iPhone : It makes me think of time I spent there.

The friends I met there.

The people I met there.

I wonder if they ever think about me the way I do them.

I’m sure they probably don’t, but I still wonder.

Then I start to think of college.

iPhone : had an awesome night hanging with shan. gonna start our stream of walking dead tomorrow. should be cool.

excited of another single player campaign 👀

also there’s a way to have the audience away the story with an extension. not sure if we do that or not

iPhone : Still I don't think his girlfriend is Go haeri, maybe his girlfriend from the start not part of this conspiracy.

But who is Go haeri? She can be really good person or she is the part of the bad person.

But for sure the one who killed micheal was samael's people