iPhone : India overflows with raw talent; one that needs careful harvesting.

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Twitter Web App : What does this even mean? No one 'gives' anyone anything, you achieve it through hard work and talent.
.. except maybe Governorships. That depends on ruling party. twitter.com/governorswaraj…

iPhone : they say “stan talent” so i stanned chanyeol

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Android : Juninho Pernambucano via OLTV :
«Un grand joueur ce n’est pas seulement le talent,c’est l’ambition, avoir la culture de la victoire,avoir envie de gagner à chaque match,pas de choisir ces matchs.

On a vu chez chez Tino et Togo qu’ils avaient le plaisir de porter notre maillot»

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Android : Jamey_Giddens Will Packer Lionsgate TV Oh No. I love Ambitions and I love you too. This show was Awesome and I hate it won't be returning. I see bigger things in your future as we already know your vision and talent is second to none. Keep grinding and putting out Awesomeness like you do and I know the BESTisYet2come

iPhone : maam where do i get this talent 😭😭😭 its like god spinned a talent wheel while creating me and i got talent of whistling 😭😭 twitter.com/archerpjmn/sta…

Android : So has Lingard

So has Shaw

So has Rashford unless you think taking penalties is a talent

So has Maguire

The narrative is totally different.

Hope this helps twitter.com/Yforyeboah/sta…

Twitter Web App : #Year1 #Year2 Well done to our 12 children who this afternoon competed in the ATSA athletics event at Fred Longworth High School. Such great talent and enthusiasm on display!

iPhone : A N D Ò And he looks this good with nobody really around him. Imagine putting Talent around this kid?? Its a no brainer! Every team in europe should be trying to sign him! Demme wears # 5 when allan leaves