TweetDeck : Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum!

“I have a 2-year old and I know a temper tantrum when I see it...They havent shown any evidence that he should be impeached and so theyre totally melting down.

- Lara Trump

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iPhone : Want to compare homicide rates of areas with restrictive, gun control that penalizes the innocent and those areas without? I wrote a book on it I can send you. All of this began because I corrected your false talking point re guns on bases and you had a tantrum.…

iPhone : Trump is going to have another temper tantrum tonight, because Speaker Pelosi is doing a town hall on CNN, and the Speaker is going to tell the truth. Something Trump can’t handle. But if he didn’t wanna be impeached, he shouldn’t have committed crimes. #AmericansForImpeachment

iPhone : Kids are useless human beings who add zero value to your wedding. If you want a guest who will cry, scream, throw a tantrum & shit themselves... better off inviting your senile, old uncle.…

Android : Sura Mbaya Anytime someone asks CS Macharia about the SGR viability, he gets mad and throws a tantrum. This railway system was overpriced and therefore not viable, period!

iPhone : Elon Musk will always be remembered as the guy with the shit submarine who threw a tantrum when this was pointed out, and used his fortune to make the term "pedo guy" a legally accepted term of abuse.

Android : william devine 11th Hour MSNBC Why? You see a man spouting complete jibberish in the Oval office & your response is "more, please "? Bc you think chaos is good for America? Because it's good when presidential aides have to guess what the president wants and means? Bc everyone's afraid of a tantrum?

Android : jooheon having a tantrum .. isn’t he the cutest

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Twitter for iPad : Maverick Jim Edwards Reuters He also gave his rationale for why he claimed to believe that and when he got called out he doubled down on it by betting it was true.

I’d guess it didn’t have much of an effect because it was obvious he was throwing a tantrum but he really did try to smear the guy i think

Vinisten : Dursleys shuddered to think what the director of something peculiar -- a tantrum and mysterious things would say if anyone