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Media Studio : How Taylor Swift could get her first six albums back #BillboardNews

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iPhone : Ariana Grande está na lista de votação para Pessoa do Ano da revista TIME. Ela está entre os renomados nomes de Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift e Beyoncé.

Twitter Lite : Taylor Swift ends Reputation Tour with heartfelt speech: Thank you for coming to be a part of my life

Android : Ur stranded on an ISLAND, who are u with & what will u both do?
Jan - Ariana G
Feb - Liam Payne
Mar - Justin B
Apr - Zayn Malik
May - Nicki Minaj
Jun - Niall Horan
Jul - Demi Lovato
Aug - Louis Tomlinson
Sep - Taylor Swift
Oct - Harry Styles
Nov - Shawn Mendes
Dec - Simon Cowell

iPhone : Youre gonna hear her roar, because Katy Perry is officially the highest-paid woman in music.