TweetDeck : After Charles Barkley’s mother passed away, a cat litter scientist from Iowa showed up at the funeral.

“Everybody’s, like, ‘Who’s the Asian dude over there?’ “ Barkley recalls. “I said, ‘That’s my boy, Lin.’ "…

iPhone : Scott Walker leaves as he governed: with no regard for the wishes of the people of his great state. Totally obedient to the special interests and his party. To lead you have to be bigger than that.…

Twitter Web Client : A federal appeals court has thrown out a power company's permit to build a natural gas pipeline across two national forests and the Appalachian Trail.…

iPhone : “Muslim Democrat mocks Pence's Christianity - WND”
Big surprise? No.
This is just the first of many jabs our New #Democrat #Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota will be making at Republicans, Christians and Conservatives. #LiberalDoubleStandards #arpx…

Android : Under the 10-year, $6.6-billion scheme, investors who build new properties would get a subsidy of $8,500 a year, on the condition they keep the rent at 20 per cent below market rates. I have no idea what that means in rental dollars in victoria…

Android : Vote for #Jungkook of Korea in the finals of #SexiestManInTheWorld2018:

1 Like = 2 Votes
1 Retweet = 3 Votes

You can also vote for him via Facebook, Instagram, and Online Poll. Visit Starmometer for more details:

Twitter Lite : A latte is a three-bean soup? This article has misunderstood the most important aspect of food classification: it must reflect how we (food makers and consumers) think of food not by its spatial relationship to starch. #taxonomy…

Twitter Web Client : In 2018 OSF projected expending more than $530 million to promote Soros’ radical globalist agenda.

We The People, demand you stop using Americans hard earn money to promote Anti-American & Globalist ideologies.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA…

iPhone : At least 25% of private colleges are now running deficits. At public colleges, even in a good economy, expenses have outpaced revenue the past three years.…

iPhone : ‘Love Yourself: Tear’

— #1 Billboard 200
— 12 weeks on UK Official Charts
— 85 #1’s on iTunes
— Best selling album on Hanteo
— Entered 18 official charts
— Gold in Japan
— 7.1 review on Pitchfork
— Grammy’s ‘Best Recording Package’ nominee
— Album of The Year Daesang (MMA, MAMA)

iPhone : The president traveled to Arlington National Cemetery just one month after he was criticized for declining to visit the military graveyard on Veterans Day and for not paying his respects at a French cemetery for American troops near Paris