Twitter Ads Composer : Kristen Stewart plays Jean #Seberg in the first trailer for the upcoming biopic on the French New Wave star.

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Twitter Web App : Rahul Gandhi had also said that former French President Mr. Francois Hollande had called PM Modi a thief. Mr. Hollande clarified and said this is a lie out in public.

The decisions of offsets are taken by Dassault, and not by the President: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad #RahulRaFAIL

Twitter Web App : In the interests of defending President Trump, smart people are exploiting civic ignorance to maintain the red wall against impeachment. They’re affirmatively deceiving the American people about the content and meaning of the Constitution.…

Android : "The parliamentary system India has adopted runs largely on caste and communal vote banks. Casteism and communalism are backward feudal forces which must be destroyed if India is to progress, but parliamentary democracy further entrenches them."…

Twitter Web App : Gilets jaunes the French yellow vests marked a year of protesting last Saturday.

A look at the movement which has seen forged solidarity between people from all walks of life against the French Globalist government…

Android : sunshine 🌞 Edward Montet French writer, about Muhammad:
"A creed so precise,so stripped of theological complexities,so accessible to ordinary understanding might be expected to possess&does indeed possess marvelous power of winning its way into the consciences of men."


Twitter Web App : Watch the iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve in 'Le Sauvage' (1975) on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 7:30 PM. Tickets are now on sale. #AnnArbor

Android : International fans are asking me to open the SUBTITLE contribution for this video, so i did ofcourse huhu 🥺 I opened the sub contribution for THAI, SPANISH, FRENCH and many more so feel free to contribute ❤️ #exol #SehunBusted2

iPhone : customer tries to get out of tipping me by saying “i don’t speak English” so I show him and say “tip/ money” he still acts like he doesn’t get it and says “Français” so I start talking in French and HE FREEZES THE FUCK UP BC HE DOESNT SPEAK FUCKING FRENCH BROKE ASS

iPhone : Today’s French 4/5 discussion - are we addicted to cell phones and what are the ramifications to that! Average screen time of my honors students was 6 hours! 😲😧 #asrsd #socialmedia #worldlanguage

iPhone : I ended up with an extra copy of The Cross of Jesus by Louis Chardon, OP. Would anyone like it? I’ll mail it to you. It’s a series of short meditations on the Cross and suffering. Written in 1600s by a French Dominican. It’s a hardback copy from the 40s, not print on demand.

iPhone : apparently hungary used to be called “the lands of the crown of saint stephen”, sounds like what stephen french would call toxteth