Twitter Web Client : Last year, homelessness in Paris increased 21%. This has made some French people question the morality of massive donations from the rich to Notre Dame. Dramatic increases in both wealth and poverty are tearing apart Europe and the U.S.…

Android : While the world continues to mourn the accidental burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral, it also chooses to ignore Chinas intentional destruction of mosques in East Turkestan, some as old as 800 years of age.

PS: 2 million Muslims are in Chinese concentration camps!

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iPhone : Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt consistent with the modern, diverse France - and architects suggest a glass roof, steel spire and ⚠️minaret⚠️


👉🏻A minaret is a tall slender tower with a balcony used to call Muslims to prayer…

iPhone : notre dame: *burns down*
y'all: omg rip:(( this is the saddest thing to happen this century omg pray for france
sri lanka: *over 200 people dead from explosions*

iPhone : Today from the college basketball bribery trial government witness Marty Blazer said between 2010-14 he paid from several hundred to several thousand dollars to FOOTBALL players from:

Penn St
Notre Dame

Android : Pamela Anderson walked out of last night’s OM Foundation dinner when she discovered that €100k was raised for Notre-Dame in one of the auction lots when the night was supposed to be geared towards raising funds for Marseillais children in need.

Twitter Web App : Thinking about my trip to see Notre Dame, I recall seeing the statue of St. Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans, Patron Saint of France. When she was burned at the stake she said:

“Hold the Cross high so that I may see it through the flames.”

✝️The Cross did not burn✝️

iPhone : Who started the Notre Dame fire?

Why is there no investigation into the now demolished child school shooter compound in New Mexico?

What was the shooting in Las Vegas really about?

If we had Media there would be investigations. Consider the nightmare scenario: we have none.

Twitter Web App : ´Jesus, were he alive today, would be adorned in a Yellow Vest, leading the Gilets Jaunes’ . Brilliant thought-provoking new piece by @johnwight1…