iPhone : True confidence is the direct result of aligning with your best self and becoming aware of your true nature. You can't be comfortable or experience true happiness without your own approval. Magic begins the moment you start being in tune with who you really are. Tune in.

eClincher : Almost two-thirds of shoppers buy a package off store shelves without researching it first. Why? They love the #packaging. Heres why thats so important in the #coffee industry: goo.gl/4AkGmZ

TweetDeck : Jen Roberts Physics grad with 5 years experience in corporate insight analytics and an interest in the viking age sound any good? I also have more than passing acquaintance with 13 different programming/markup languages. I don't have a great deal of big data experience but I'm up to learning

iPhone : Thank you Viking Range for helping to enhance the patient experience in our inpatient Leflore Rehab facility! Enjoy these photos of some of our hard working Plant Operations team installing the donated appliances. For more on this story, visit us on Facebook.

Android : stepping into a museum and experience how the past might have looked like. A rich selection of historical treasures from ancient Viking times is presented. Big ships, ancient swords and old tales tell a story and create meanings and experiences for the visitors, enabling them to

Twitter Web Client : Welcome the newest member of the Viking M&A Greenville team, Russ Williams! Russ has significant experience as an advisor and banker for small businesses and professionals in the Greenville, SC, market. Learn more about Russ: vikingmergers.com/russ-williams/

Android : The Viking(War) Raiders(Experience) cut a decent but a bit overcomplicated and scripted promo on their motivation
They quickly dispatch of two jobbers,once again looking dominant
They now need to challenge for the RAW Tag titles at Summerslam as the next step

Twitter Web Client : It was at that exact moment when the "Local enhancement" guy realized he was going to have a "Viking Experience" that he never really wanted ....and that his mouth was going to be raided ....or "Ivar'd" as i call it lol twitter.com/Ivar_WWE/statu…

Android : Pelosi on Omar's anti-Semitism: "I don't think our colleague is anti-Semitic ... she has a different experience in the use of words"

Pelosi on Trump's tweets, which were inflammatory but not racist: "these comments are racist"

Pelosi only cares about scoring political points

Android : While Senator Bob Casey) 's Twitter Profile">Senator Bob Casey claims he voted against Judge Phipps, in part, due to his short judicial service prior to his promotion to the Third Circuit, Senator Bob Casey) 's Twitter Profile">Senator Bob Casey voted for Justice Kagan and all 24 circuit judges appointed by President Obama who had zero judicial experience. #BogusBob

Android : Senator Bob Casey President Obama appointed 55 circuit judges in his 8 years, including 24 with no prior judicial experience and 31 with prior judicial experience. Of the 31 = 19 U.S. district judges + 1 judge on the U.S. Court of International Trade + 2 U.S. magistrate judges + 9 state judges.