Twitter Lite : Tom Holland Christopher Hind In a decent electoral system, they would be; but with FPTP? My motivation to vote is much less because I live in a safe Conservative seat, so my chance of holding my MP to account is almost zero.

Android : Tom Holland The traditional set up is that Prime Ministers hates most of the cabinet, the cabinet hates most of the parliamentary party, the parliamentary party hates most of the membership and the membership hates most of the electorate.

And all the hatred is reciprocated with bells on.

Twitter Lite : Tom Holland They also are politics-obsessed; also they are mostly party members; in fact, that is how they start.

Android : odiaron a mark ruffalo, nos dio el mejor hulk, odiaron a tom holland y nos dio al mejor spiderman, estan odiando a captain marvel pero después van a ser los mismos estúpidos que la van a amar, los odio caretas