Twitter for iPad : If you want an explanation for the emergence of Islam that does not depend on supernatural intervention, this article is as good a place to start as any.…

iPhone : ⚠looking for new mutuals⚠

rt if u like/want/hate/love:

♡ to be tom holland's suit
♡ likes the uwu energy of Bucky
♡ hates thorki's and thanos
♡ lowkey wants loki's hair
♡ loves marvel
♡ likes Hamilton and Heathers the musical
♡ loves capt. america

Android : when tom holland finally meets ryan reynolds

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iPhone : tom holland: i-

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Android : ✧˚*✦ tom holland smiling: appreciation thread ❀•°ˎˊ˗

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iPhone : Writing In The Shadow Of The Sword, I found the cataloguing of calamities that overwhelmed Europe & the Middle East during the 6th century AD an experience so sombre that I sometimes felt I was writing apocalyptic science fiction.…

Android : I really need and want Louis & Tom Holland to hang out & be friends. I need them both to be screaming at football, watch marvel movies together, take photos together, just ! Become ! Friends ! Ffs !