TweetDeck : Happy birthday to the late Robert Noyce, the so-called “mayor of Silicon Valley” who invented the integrated circuit w/Jack Kilby: (article: @Esquire, photo: @Intel)

Twitter Web Client : Hey 2018 you took Stan Lee, Neil Simon, Dolores O’Riordan, Milos Forman, Philip Roth, Ricky Jay, Kofi Anan, Steven Hawking, Hugh Masekela, D.J. Fontana, Ed Schultz, Rusty Staub, Tony Bourdain, Tom Wolfe, Margot Kidder & Aretha but Kirk Douglas just turned 102 & you can't have him

Flamingo for Android : Yeager had always figured it was useless to try to punch out of a rocket plane. Crossfield called it “committing suicide to keep from getting killed.”

- I finished The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe the other day. Such an incredible masterpiece.

Twitter Lite : (CoreCivic, private prison operator, has seen a 935 percent increase in federal contract awards from 2016 to 2017.

Twitter Lite : Of the 63 federal contractors that donated to the inauguration, MORE THAN HALF won multimillion-dollar bids in 2017, federal records show.

Six companies earned contracts in 2017 after not receiving any awards in 2016.……

Twitter Lite : My death count this year alone
Jonah Hill bro, Stephen Hawking, Verne Troyer,Margot Kidder?,Tom Wolfe?,Burt Reylnolds? Bourdain,John McCain,Scott Wilson?,Paul Allen,William Goldman?,

? didn't happen so fast
Well, John McCain's took while

Basically any1 too soon,prob was me

Twitter Web Client : Butina has now formally admitted that when she directly posed Trump this question about sanctions, she was acting on orders from Russian officials.…

Twitter Web Client : Look who’s talking. #MarinaButina is outing every NRA & Republican who ever flirted or spoke with her. Butina’s mission is over. She can afford to burn them all to get her home. This is trash collection part of the job. The GOP is now Russia’s to command.…

Hootsuite Inc. : Goldstein discusses the two celebrated authors and why they are significant in literary history.