iPhone : Neoliberal scum. Winning elections and giving the NHS the funding it needed to cut waiting times, end the annual winter crisis, pay staff properly and deliver the highest satisfaction ratings in NHS History. Be gone with you. Let’s lose and let the Tories in to wreck it instead twitter.com/labour_history…

iPhone : The Bank’s chief economist saying what we already knew – the Tories’ regime of low-paid, short-term jobs hurts workers and ultimately hurts the whole economy. thetimes.co.uk/article/easy-h…

TweetDeck : NEW shameful cladding stats: over 2.5 years after Grenfell, 315 buildings have been identified with the same deadly cladding but STILL haven't had it replaced.

76 blocks don't even have a plan to do so.

When are the Tories going to get a grip?


Android : both things the question time and GMB clip show us is how exactly the tories won the election and how unwilling mainstream media is to be critical of the role it plays while still pretending its “impartial”

Twitter Web App : I cant forgive them for what theyve done, Ive never seen human suffering like this.
John McDonnell on why he wont be friends with Tories & he’s absolutely right. After all they’ve put people through neither should any other true left Labour MP

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Twitter Web App : #Ashfield A historic Labour seat where Tories won in 2019 is refusing to provide #postalvote stats. What on earth is going on in. What are they hiding. email them and demand the postal vote data


Android : Donald Trump has apparently threatened the UK with a 25% tariff on its cars unless the Tories officially accused Iran of breaking the 2015 nuclear deal.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

iPhone : New Labour MP, antiSemite Zarah Sultana basically says that as a Muslim woman, she feels that anyone who votes for the Tories is hard right, hateful, threatening and divisive

Demonstrating everything that is vile, bigoted and anti-British about todays Labour Party

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Twitter Web App : What is the point of #bbcqt going to Liverpool, the most socialist/Labour city in the country, and filling the audience with Tories? Surely the point of taking the programme around the country is to reflect the places it visits. Tonight's programme could have been anywhere.

Twitter for iPad : The last Labour government wasn’t perfect - none is - but Labour folks sniping at their own party’s achievements & record 97-2010 simply do the Tories’ dirty work for them. Aim high but remember currently only 3 Labour PMs have won elections & the Tories have a 80 seat majority.