Android : Can’t sleep. Still so fucking pissed. Jon Snow. Bastard. Rises from the dead. Has an actual claim to the throne. Rode a motherfucking dragon. Kills a tyrant. And gets sent to fucking Canada to marry Tormund while Sansa and fucking Bran become rulers. Fuck you #GameOfThronesFinale

Twitter Web App : I guess I’m ok with this if they flip the switch and get Tormund from GOT for Kraven and Kit as Wolvie. He does love redheads. Snikt has

Android : Two things I noticed in movies this week: a young Jason Dohring, all dewy-cheeked in Deep Impact and Tormund Giantsbane looking fine asf in The Fate of the Furious.

Android : IGN Kit Harrington reprises his role of Jon Snow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Negotiations continue with Tormund Giantsbane.