iPhone : .Donald J. Trump is a true American patriot

I’ve had enough of the anti-Trump Democrats & the NeverTrump Republicans who pounce on him relentlessly and who wish him harm

Trump cares so deeply about our country, which is why we ran!

I thank God he is our President

iPhone : The true lesson of Watergate is that the GOP leadership must force accountability on Trump & makes it clear resignation is his only option. It’s their responsibility & they alone have the power to do it. After yesterday, the time has come. huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-repu…

Twitter Web Client : If true & found guilty, this sick f*** does not deserve to EVER see the light of day again! 💩 twitter.com/RealSaavedra/s…

iPhone : 7 steps of manifesting ✨

1. visualize what you want
2. feel excited about it
3. believe what your desiring is possible
4. accept your belief & abilities to manifest it as true
5. desire w/ intention
6. act & behave like it’s already manifested
7. detach & allow things to flow

iPhone : This is just unbelievable. They are betraying the country in front of our eyes. Amb. McFaul, unlike Trump, stood up to Putin and stayed true to the oath he took "to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic." twitter.com/johnjharwood/s…

iPhone : True dem with the hand movements to distract from Mumbai ju#mob spoken twitter.com/ljam352/status…

Android : Una democracia exige que los lideres políticos respeten las opiniones de los demás que no coinciden con las propias. Lamentablemente el miedo y la intolerancia son actitudes propias de Gustavo Petro. rcnradio.com/politica/petro…

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