Twitter Web App : Tulsi Gabbard can say Kamala Harris is lying about her inexplicably being a longtime regular on Fox News, but she wasnt. Tulsi is a regular guest on Tucker Carlsons White Power Hour. #DemDebate

Twitter Web Client : Kamala Harris hits Tulsi Gabbard, says it's "unfortunate" that there's someone on the stage who has "spent four years, full time on Fox News criticizing Pres. Obama ... criticizing people on this stage," who, when Trump was elected, “buddied up to Steve Bannon." MSNBC

Android : Let me guess, they aren’t gonna ask Tulsi about HER marijuana bill that just passed comittee and made headlines today lol #DemocraticDebate

iPhone : So the person who was endorsed by David Duke gets the white supremacist violence question? Somebody needs to ask Tulsi what the KKK Grand Wizard likes about her. #DemDebate5 #BlackWomenLead #HigherHeightsPAC

iPhone : Benny Do you notice:

1) Tulsi lumps Trump in with Bush and Clinton, two Deep State criminals.

2) Tulsi omitted Barry. This is not an accident.

Tulsi is in Barry’s back pocket. She’s another Establishment Hack.

She’s Obama 3.0. She is Not with us. She is Against The People. EVIL.

Android : Tulsi Gabbard is a Muslim hating, Hindutva funded, cult worshipping, genocide denying, war on terror devotee, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar, fascist, or stooge for the Kremlin.

Android : Kamala Harris calling out Tulsi Gabbard for being a Fox News loving, Steve Bannon groupie who wants to cuddle up to trump.


Gabbard isn't even a DEM.
She shouldn't be on the stage.

iPhone : I walked into my bank wearing pajamas with moose on them today, and that still wasn’t anywhere as embarrassing as having Tulsi being from my home state.