iPhone : It has been heartbreaking to watch what has been going on at the border, and impossible to comprehend that we live in a country where children are torn from the arms of their parents, who are dealt the ultimate punishment for wanting a better life for their families.

TweetDeck : There simply couldn’t be a better fit of player to city than Jevon Carter and the Grizzlies. Ultimate grinder. May be my favorite player in the Draft. On-ball defensive beast.

iPhone : Vanessa Hudgens gaying over af after meeting Meryl Streep is an the ultimate mood

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Instagram : VIP Tickets are SOLD OUT for my
ALL WHITE 4th of July Pool Party/BBQ!

You can still buy general admission tickets online

ALLWHITEFOURTH.eventbrite.com instagram.com/p/BkVnoOqBjms/…

Twitter Web Client : Alexandra Erin 1. People in smaller and rural areas will always need cars. Mass transit doesn't work when the population density is low.

2. The ultimate goal is to eliminate car ownership in cities. Cars just drive around transporting people. Eliminates the need for parking.

Android : Gravios and Basarios were brought back in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate purely for their challenge factor. The MH Team felt that both were difficult enough to encourage new players to try different styles and arts on them if they faced problems while hunting them.

Android : EA Help I'm not able to load the second blockbuster challenge on madden ultimate team. Its showing a team logo I've never seen then it just says "our servers can't process your request at this time" any help??

Twitter Lite : I’ve seen a few people now who call Smash Ultimate “not a port, not a new game, but a sequel.”

…Isn’t every Smash game a sequel? >_>