Twitter Media Studio : Cyberbullying is a growing global problem. Young people are speaking out. This is the change they want to see.

#ENDviolence online.


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Twitter Web Client : A mother’s love.
A mother’s joy.
A mother’s wish.

A documentary about what it means to be a mother around the world.

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Android : Plus de 2 milliards de personnes n'ont pas accès à une eau potable et salubre. Saur Solidarités soutient des initiatives qui améliorent la vie de ces populations partout dans le monde ! 🚰…

Android : 「以前は家に帰ってからしかトイレを使えませんでした。でも今は、学校のトイレはきれいだし、いつでも水が使えます」
#UNICEF は日本政府の支援により、紛争が続く #イエメン の学校で水や衛生サービスの改善を行いました。



iPhone : Unicef is excited to welcome experts from across the children’s sector to todays conference: Childrens rights at 30. The day will explore a childs rights approach and how this can improve local decisions, services and spaces that shape children’s lives. #ChildFriendlyCities

Twitter Web Client : Priyanka Chopra is A Big Time Attention Seeker, India Me Bhi Gareeb Bache Aur Parivar Hain, Aaj Tak Kisi Ki Madad Nahi Ki Bhaand Ne.
Unicef Me Acha Photo Session Hota Hai To Pahunch Gayi African Countries, Namak Haram Kahi Ki.…