TweetDeck : An American solider and family are under government protection.

Because they're under attack.

Not by terrorists.

Not by foreign enemies.

They're under attack by the President of the United States.…

Twitter Web App : These impeachment proceedings are occuring because Alex Vindman, an insubordinate mid-level military officer who had a snit fit about not being in charge of American foreign policy decided to collude with a CIA operative to overthrow the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

iPhone : Biden: “The only African American woman that had ever been elected to the United States Senate”

Kamala: “No, that’s not true. I’m right here”

Biden:I said the first

Does he know these are recorded?

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Twitter Web App : 🔥OH MY🔥

BIDEN: “I have the support of the only African American woman to ever be elected to the United States Senate.”

KAMALA: “Um - I don’t think so.”

CROWD: *laughs* *boos*

BIDEN: *panicked* “I meant the first!”

What a shitshow

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Android : Millenials are so spoiled with their tablets and smartphones. All our parents had at this age was the ability to buy property in most major metropolitan areas in the United States

iPhone : Mike Posner really spent 6 months walking 2,800 miles across the United States and overcame a debilitating rattlesnake bite along the way, and a few people were like “that’s crazyy” then instantly forgot about his existence

iPhone : The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act:
☑️ Passed in the Senate
☑️ Passed in the House
🔜 Headed to the White House to become law

The United States stands with the people of Hong Kong and will punish further aggression by China.

Twitter for iPad : UNITED STATES OF CHINA......UGH, SOUNDS BAD, HUH? If we don’t shrink government and stop with all the corruption and funny business, it could be one day. Thank God for Trump, but Trump can’t stay in the White House forever! Pray for our country and Constitution.

Twitter for iPad : When Gordon Sondland talked to the President of the United States, Donald Trump said:

"I want no quid pro quo. I want [Zelensky] to do the right thing"

Sondland is only "presuming" that a quid pro quo exists

You can't impeach a president based on secondhand presumptions.

Twitter Web App : “Map of the soul: PERSONA” on iTunes Top10

#1 Brazil
#1 Chile
#1 Russia (+51)
#1 Sweden
#2 Poland (+163)
#3 Kazakhstan (+1)
#3 Philippines (+10)
#4 Malaysia (+9)
#6 Saudi Arabia
#6 Vietnam
#8 Fiji
🤝#43 United States (+16)

#ThisIsBTS 방탄소년단