Media Studio : Its happening!

Eight-time Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt has been offered a professional football contract.


Twitter Web Client : Its news to me.

Mariners coach Mike Mulvey responds to Daniel Garb after reports surfaced that Usain Bolt has been offered a contract by the Central Coast Club.


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Media Studio : No es Usain Bolt, ¡es IÑAKI WILLIAMS! 🏃‍♂️💨


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Twitter Web Client : Andy||Mono😑 This is such a strange mentality to have. BTS and ARMY has zero obligations to do anything for anyone. That’s like telling Usain Bolt to not participate in a run so that the other runners can have a chance. Also, the “no pity, only anger” is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day

Twitter Web Client : Without the financial contribution of an external third-party, it is unlikely that Usain Bolt and the Central Coast Mariners will agree to terms.

#ALeague #CCMFC

iPhone : “Tarde que temprano la justicia lo va a alcanzar” No pos con este sistema podrido, donde “la justicia” no rompa el 9,58 de Usain Bolt (y con la “benevolencia”pejista) lo dudo. #Corralefuertemija… : Usain Bolt deal with Central Coast Mariners 'would require financial assistance'