TweetDeck : Reporter to Virgil van Dijk: Cristiano Ronaldo wont be here tonight, so thats already one less rival to care about.

Virgil van Dijk: Was Cristiano Ronaldo really a rival?

iPhone : Reporter : โ€œSo it appears your title rivals are 3rd with a 14 point gap โ€œ

Virgil : โ€œ Were they really a rival then?โ€ : Virgil: Richard Nixonโ€™s Lessons on Beating Impeachment

Android : REMUS. Every line in his body is rigid, sharp eyes trained at the other. Disgust curls in his stomach and Virgil does his best not to shove Remus against the nearest wall.

/Shut up, shut up, shut up./

โ€œAre you done?โ€

iPhone : 17. The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

This museums Virgil Abloh exhibit featured a costume he designed for Beyoncรฉs second Vogue September Issue.