iPhone : What a match!! 🙌🏻 Last game at home, full house, amazing atmosphere and great win! 💪🏻 One last game to go and anything can happen. Let’s focus so we can end up big. ✌🏻💙❤️ #trabzonspor🔵🔴 #turkey🇹🇷 #jp47 #portugal🇵🇹

Android : Game of Thrones feels like the showrunners knew where they wanted the characters to end up but had no idea how to get them there this season. It felt incredibly rushed and ham fisted. What a waste of amazing lore and world building.

iPhone : Now we're allowing a refugee who's end game is making #canada a sh*thole, 2 determine what a refugee is. They can be from anywhere, safe or not. The US, EU, Australia anywhere & get full benefits. They chip away at our sovereignty daily. #canadian #cdnpoli

Android : Junaid Khan
2011 WC - was in squad but didn't play a single game
2015 WC - got injured just 15-20 days before WC
2019 WC - dropped from final WC squad
What a bad luck...

Android : Pal Kuner Totally agree with u here bro..this is why Wilder remains 3rd in amongst that list.. AJ will not be a sitting duck with no movement or defence.. and once again wilder was rocked by a breazeale.. its almost gunna be a game of who can land first! What a fight its gunna be

Android : What the fuck????? There is a command that lets you reset the shape of smokes?? It works without sv_cheats 0 and on Valve servers

this is game breaking holy shit