iPhone : #OnThisDay two years ago, this happened at Wembley... 🙌


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iPhone : Winners of our second FA Cup on this day in 1997! 🏆

What an afternoon at Wembley!

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Android : Noel Gallagher lead guitarist of rock band Oasis was shocked to hear the news of Korean idol group 방탄소년단 performing at Wembley Stadium in England on June 1 & 2. He said Really?
A kr grp is performing in Wembley? For the British audience? Wow, crazy.

iPhone : thinking about what the wembley ending speech is about to be like

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iPhone : Waiting for my Wembley ticket to land on the door mat, and all I get is a poxy flyer! Do I give a toss about UKIP or BREXIT? NO...all ll I care about is #avfc

iPhone : If anyone that follows me has been charging people money for references for Wembley, unfollow me and I sincerely hope you get hit by a bus and the cunt reverses back over you!!!!

iPhone : 진저 방탄소년단 Trans: Noel Gallagher said BTS’ fans are”crazy”. When he heard that they will be performing at Wembley (June1,2), he was shocked. He repeatedly said “really?” as if he couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t even talk for a moment, hitting the desk with his hands.

iPhone : The Road to Wembley - Aston Villa FC