Twitter Web Client : ARIES: Euphoria
TAURUS: Westworld
GEMINI: Game of Thrones
CANCER: Sharp Objects
LEO: Insecure
VIRGO: Big Little Lies
SCORPIO: True Blood
SAGITTARIUS: Random Acts of Flyness
CAPRICORN: Gentleman Jack
AQUARIUS: Chernobyl
PISCES: The Leftovers

SocialFlow : I feel like I’m always mired inside of paranoia that someone is going to arrest me and take me to spoiler jail. Tessa Thompson discusses the challenges of working on high-profile projects like #AvengersEndgame and #Westworld

Android : Enfaite Gus fring dans bb c'était réellement un robot (tweet extremement sériephile mdrr pour comprendre faut connaitre et breaking bad et westworld)

Android : #HBO

iPhone : Eu sempre que assisto westworld ficava em uma crise ética:
“- não mas esse sujeito humano não pode fazer isso com esse sujeito robô
- ah, mas ele pode sim, são robôs, não humanos.
- mas esse robô tem consciência, acha que é uma pessoas de verdade, sente dor e tem sentimentos”

Android : Mdrrr j'suis contente de pouvoir comprendre mtn la blague arya elle part découvrir westworld à l'ouest de westeros

Android : Facebook is for real world the episode of Westworld where they realize they are just trying to collect people's data and transport it out of the park to sell 😭😭…

Android : Now I have finished Designated Survivor and Jack Ryan, I can watch season two of Westworld 😁

Im also very slowly trying to watch Fresh off the Boat.