Twitter for iPad : Very Impressive roadkill for Illinois Basketball) 's Twitter Profile">Illinois Basketball tonight..
A lot to like about this team..FoSho “Watchlist Worthy”..Guards make plays &tough shots..Front line is active, physical, and skilled..bench packs a punch..defend with vigor and share the 🏀..I see you Illinois Basketball) 's Twitter Profile">Illinois Basketball 👍🏾..Big Ten Mens Hoops

Twitter Web App : If you ever hear me say "You may be able to speak my language, but it doesn't mean you are worthy of the fruit." it's because I'm referencing that scene in Dolittle where the dragon says "You may be able to speak my language, but it doesn't mean you are worthy of the fruit."

Sprout Social : Your true self is worthy of being known. Find the courage to share your story, in your way and in your time.

Android : Matthew A. Cherry Oscar worthy directors got s*it ta do Playboy..

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iPhone : Type out “My best quality is” and then let predictive text finish it! I’ll start

“My best quality is I am a worthy vessel for the demon lord Paimon who will bring about a new age of darkness. All will suffer his wrath and despair” haha so random

iPhone : do you ever suddenly realize you've lost a ton of weight and feel exactly the same about your body as you did before because maybe the problem was never about weight it was about recognizing that you're a person worthy of love

Twitter for iPad : Henry VIII I didn't say Tony was worthy of the hall - I just stated a fact about their averages. Plunkett has two Wins and no HOF

Twitter Web App : I have a novel just sitting on my hard drive because no publisher thought friendship between two Arab women was worthy of publication. It's a good fucking novel.

iPhone : Mike m Self love is a constant battle and you are worthy of another's love, even whenever you feel otherwise. Learn to love yourself before others can love you is a damaging mantra. Many of us learn to love ourselves AFTER receiving love from others.

Twitter Web App : An #AvoTiara for the supreme ruler of the party platter and one for the worthy avo lover to match.

RT this to enter for a chance to turn a regular day into a royal occasion by wearing a $2,745 crown. 🥑❤️👑

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iPhone : pls don't crush on me. i've been destroyed and trust me, i'll never be a good enough for you. i swear i'm not worthy. i'm sorry, you deserve better than me. i'm so sorry…

Android : This is an impeachment trial.

The House was supposed to uncover the “crimes.”

The Senate decides if those “crimes” are worthy of removal. The Senate is under no obligation to continue the House’s investigation.

Those pretending otherwise are hacks.