Twitter Web App : “With black men they usually like light skinned women and obviously amber was by my side so I thought what’s the point”

Yewande opens up about sherif 👀

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Android : Here is a short follow up sample if you need to follow up after an interview.

This follow up only means you already sent a 'Thank You' email earlier & have moved past that.

You can reply the 'Thank You' email, or use the subject:

"Checking in RE: XYZ Role"

iPhone : Ade. I’ve blocked and muted that one out of existence and I instantly get pissed when I see anything about her on my timeline : Yewande Jinadu: Before You Send Out that Unsolicited Job Application

iPhone : therapeutic😩

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iPhone : *me opening up the delicious ethnic food my mom packed for me in middle school*

the white kids:…

iPhone : Twitter really needs to do something about plagiarism and recycled tweets. I’m fucking tired of seeing the same old tweets go viral man…