Twitter Media Studio : not sure what to think of this new Amiibo commercial... VERY weird message…

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Fenix 2 : Por cierto hay algo que no sabéis de la final de ayer de #SmashYoutubers . Tanto BersGamer como yo pactamos que ganase quien ganase de los dos, nos repartiriamos los #amiibo del primer premio... Y así lo hicimos :D

iPhone : Butch Hartman Speech Bubble I’m abit of a pickle with my new year goals! Either pick saving up more or start a new collection of amiibo since I’m nearly done the smash bros set, but I’m gonna try to cook more than just chicken & steak, I want to try to make stuff with fish & more veg

Twitter Lite : ロックマン11 運命の歯車!! コレクターズ・パッケージ amiibo同梱版 - Switch (【予約特典】『ワイリーナンバーズ・ステージ楽曲 アレンジバージョン』ダウンロード番号 同梱) (アマゾン)さんから

iPhone : Gold Shovel Knight amiibo is coming!

Listed on Play-Asia: (not available for pre-order yet)
Image from NintendoSoup -- we havent seen an official image yet

Twitter Web Client : Holy bejeez that ending sequence. Just finished World of Light. I absolutely loved it, and that was an amazing way to end it.

So, with that out of the way, I guess all that's left is Classic Mode and Spirit Board before I have to start training my amiibo to have something to do.

DarkDecay eBooks : Ness amiibo on a massive cliff hanger. A pre- event raising money for - Come on through!