Twitter Media Studio : No, this isnt an episode of Black Mirror. China monitors the behavior of its citizens to determine each persons social credit. Too low a score can lead to a transportation ban.

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iPhone : Recently learned about this awesome art piece “Iago’s Mirror” by Fred Wilson

It’s a study on blackness throughout the diaspora. It’s Shakespeares Othello - Who was a Black muslim commander in the Venetian army. He was brought down by his soldier Iagos racism

iPhone : i love how black mirror made a song designed to illustrate how vapid and shallow pop music can be and the gays immediately gobbled it up and skyrocketed it into the charts, iconic

Twitter Web App : black mirror season 3 ep 6…

Twitter Web App : Neira🌙 i havent watched it and neither black mirror series, tf i live under rock 🙃

But i want bandersnatch so.bad.

I will watch san junipero later, thank chu sis😘

Android : I am death, the shadow that lurks behind every corner. I go by many names, but one that Im certain of - Black Widow.

Returning to said character with three years of experience. Although descriptive, I will only mirror reply length. This account is already shipped.


iPhone : Boris Johnson. Boris fucking Johnson. Am I living in a parallel universe. Is this black mirror. What’s happening. Look at who’s in the power positions in the world. One way ticket to Mars please

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