Twitter Web Client : This is pathetic, and so typical. They think they’re harming Johnson by concocting this “story”, but it will have the opposite effect. Everyone knows he said nothing wrong, and that these messages have nothing to do with him.

Twitter Lite : Jim Cochrane . They 'Don't integrate'? Where have we heard that before, he sounds like Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage!!

I wonder why they don't want to 'integrate' with charmers like this guy. I don't want to integrate with him either tbh

iPhone : On Nazanin - Jeremy Hunt says he hasn't decided yet on whether she can be granted diplomatic protection by the UK. The file was on Boris Johnson's desk when he resigned & decision delayed as a result Free Nazanin

IFTTT : Don't loosen Tory leadership rules to smooth path for Boris Johnson, warns ex-Foreign Secretary Lord Hague

iPhone : ‘Boris Johnson Refuses To Share A Platform With Nigel Farage On Ukip MEP's Brexit Tour’


‘Lying opportunistic twat refuses to share a platform with lying opportunistic twat’

To pluralise Danny Dyer’s description of Cameron: Twats!…

Twitter for iPad : Govt minister James Brokenshire on #r4today refuses to condemn Boris Johnson for taking advice from fascist kingmaker Steve Bannon. This is what moral cowardice looks like.

Twitter Web Client : "Jeremy Hunt" will never help Nazanin, he and Boris Johnson support the subversive groups that attempt destruction of Governments who dont agree with them. Nasty nasty people indeed.…

iPhone : What a state British journalism is in.

Hacks desperately piling on to attack lifelong anti-fascist & social liberal Jeremy Corbyn, then the same damned people falling over themselves to vehemently defend lifelong bigot and self-serving arsehole Boris Johnson.