iPhone : Danny Ainge refused to trade JAYLEN BROWN for Kawhi

Ainge held onto 38% shooter Terry Rozier like he’s prime Magic Johnson

Ainge has drafted ONE player who became an All-Star in BOS

Ainge gonna lose Kyrie

Ainge planned for YEARS to trade for AD and lost to the LAKERS

iPhone : Excited for the reports about how Danny Ainge was THISCLOSE to getting AD but for some reason the Pelicans weren’t interested in Smart + Yabusele & the 14th Pick.

iPhone : coming down to my family’s rancho was one of the best and most therapeutic things I’ve done in years 🍻🎯

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iPhone : danny logging into striking vipers to fuck karl for the 5th time this week #BlackMirror

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Android : Amber & Michael: the elite couple
Amy: doesn’t want to see couples doing better than her
Lucie: emotional wreck
Joe: controlling
Yewande & Danny: sweethearts
Curtis & Tommy: slightly strange
Molly & Anton: became more likeable
Maura: desperate
Anna: deserves more

iPhone : Danny putting in extra work with yewande now #loveisland

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iPhone : me during danny’s speech knowing it was about yewande #loveisland

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