iPhone : So yesterday I put high-performance tires on my Porsche. Service guy: “You probably wouldn’t want to drive in the snow with these, but you live in CA, right?” Me: “Right. In fact we are driving there in the morning!” And...this was the first day of our trip thru Pennsylvania...😂

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My 16th day tweeting about Notre Dame decision to drive out an accepted student after learning he has epilepsy. Wont stop until they apologize.

How can ANY university not see a boy who succeeds despite disability as a bonus to the school? statnews.com/2018/10/25/epi…

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181115 블루밍 멜로디
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iPhone : 💚 170818 A-Studio

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Android : Of course the one day I'm hoping for a quick day on the railroad, it turns into a 15 hour ordeal the night I'm supposed to drive home

iPhone : Καλό ΣΚ! Η Realnews έρχεται αύριο με δύο υπέροχα περιοδικά: Το Food & Travel που διαβάζεται σε όλη την Ευρώπη από όσους αγαπούν τα ταξίδια και το ωραίο φαγητό και το Drive που ανεβάζει ταχύτητα σελίδα-σελίδα και συγκινεί διαχρονικά τους λάτρεις της αυτοκίνησης! Μην τη χάσετε!

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iPhone : marit🌻 I KNOW BUT STILL HAHA. My dad’ll drive 5 hours to France and then 5 hours to Amsterdam to pick me up so I can go to Shawn. I can’t complain

CrowdControlHQ : Our #ApprovedUsed #AudiQ2 is looking for a new home this winter! Its currently priced at £23,881 and ready now. Call us today to arrange your test drive, discuss finance or book an appointment.

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iPhone : 87 coal-hole covers I photographed in Stoke Newington (as you do). A2 poster available here: drive.google.com/open?id=1CN1XT…

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Janetter Pro for iPhone : HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ- 道重さゆみ・上國料萌衣・川村文乃 #290 youtu.be/3pVwdN17lqA YouTubeより

Android : [배포용] 포토샵 건물브러시 배포합니다
포토샵 깊이 맵을 이용해 간단하게 그림에 사용될 배경 빠르게 뽑아내는 목적으로 만들었어요

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iPhone : 붕어빵과 잉어빵의 차이를 궁금해하시는 분들이 많아 함께 적어보았습니다😁 정정할 것이 있다면 말씀해주시기 바랍니다😇😇