iPhone : I see Lindsey Graham’s biggest issue w/ Trump’s racism is that it doesn’t go far enough - Graham wants to bring back 1950s McCarthyism, too.

GOP is doing this because they have no plan for our future.

We’re the ones fighting for healthcare, edu, good jobs, & they got nothing. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : I am sick of the loudest female voices in politics being those of radical, liberal and socialist politicians. Enough is enough! Conservative women: it is time to stand up against this attack on our President, our values and our great nation!

iPhone : Don’t you dare say our team is ‘not a welcoming place for Christians’. You weren’t around long enough to know what this team stood for. This is actually an insult to the Christians on our team. Same on you.

Android : Ishkaran Singh Bhandari The generations under the evil shadow of Nehruvian legacies have perished or are on their way out; enough damage has been done to Sanatan Dharma; the new generation must take the burden of protecting it. Richa is a surprise meteor in our secular black hole. Arise and awake 🕉

iPhone : I can picture it now the earthers and flexing gambler having an altercation over the patch. “Calm down now lads there is enough room for all“

Then repent preacher arrives “HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH”

Android : #لفافوں_کا_احتساب_کرو
Hamid Mir is openly supporting thieves and terrorists. Enough is enough. Its been ages since He is talking against Pakistan and Pakistan Army. These lifafa and desi liberals must be banned. Government should start accountability of lifafas as well

Android : "Marte clearly hustles, or at the very least, he puts forth enough effort to be elite at all the hustle-adjacent stats."

Writing this post felt good off the bat. Here are 2,200 words about why the "Starling Marte doesn't hustle" narrative is stupid. twitter.com/thepointofpgh/…

Twitter Web App : Her words are so important and relevant. Especially now.

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist—we must be anti-racist.” — Angela Davis, 1979

Android : To be clear, Nazi camps WERE different. Every camp system is different. Thinking that being different is enough is the mistake many democracies make, as if their forms of civilian detention without trial will be rational & just, and somehow insulated from atrocities. They're not.

Android : Hikmah Publications This is beautiful masha Allah. What would 1 advise another when u destroy a family out of what u believe to be love 4 Allah. Meaning u walk away take ur kids & leave the marriage & its wealth becuz the partner leaves the prayer picks up a bottle & u felt u had enough after 3yrs.

Twitter Web App : Don't chase attention or affection. You are you, this is who you are, and you're enough. Its a waste of time & energy trying to convince someone you're this unrealistic version of yourself. Just be genuine. To the right person, you'll never be made to feel like you're not enough.