Twitter Web App : NFL leaders in total games with a passer rating under 80.0:

1. Mitchell Trubisky, 6
2. Jared Goff, 5
2. Baker Mayfield, 5
2. Kyler Murray, 5
2. Daniel Jones, 5
2. Philip Rivers, 5
2. Jameis Winston, 5
8. Andy Dalton, 4
8. Joe Flacco, 4
8. Josh Rosen, 4
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick, 4

iPhone : Kaepernick’s career: 12,271 yds, 72 TDs

Luck during the same timeframe: 19,078 yds, 132 TDs

Luck’s best season: 4,761 yds, 40 TDs, 16 INT

Kaepernick’s best season: 3,369 yds, 19 TDs, 10 INT

No comparison.

And btw, Kap lost to Joe Flacco in the Super Bowl.…

Twitter Web App : Ravens are 3-point favorites for Monday night's game at the L.A. Rams.

Lamar Jackson is 3-0 as a road favorite, winning at Miami, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati this season.

Compare that to Joe Flacco, who lost three of his last four games as a road favorite for Baltimore.

iPhone : Smoking hot crack, they never asked Dilfer to make any plays unlike Flacco…

Twitter Web Client : Have you heard ‘Camp94 ft. Flacco - Frozen (Prod. by AGCreationz)’ by @YKCD_Camp on #SoundCloud? #np…

Android : art modell hof Russell St. Report Flacco had a revolving door of OC's sure,but he was also a painfully inconsistent QB that probably wasn't gonna get better.Flacco needed the perfect OC,Lamar won't over time.Yeah I'm sure its not like we didn't need Harbaugh when he was one of the few that actually believed in LJ

Android : Ravens 13-3 He did but he also had better all around teams though is/was my point and if Cundiff ain't miss the FG or Lee Evans ain't drop the TD Flacco might have had 2 rings