Twitter Media Studio : GAME DAY‼️

#HereWeGo | PNC Bank

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Twitter Web App : 96 year-old World War II veteran played the national anthem on his harmonica before the Knicks game earlier.

Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who have served our country 🇺🇸

(via ESPN)

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Twitter Media Studio : GAME DAY!

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Twitter Web App : MrHurriicane If a game is flexed to Sunday night, it is still the same day of the week, the only thing affected is TV.

iPhone : Packers saints and patriots rest of these teams aren’t real contenders lmfao just watch a MNF game where people gonna day look how great that was sloppy play that would get them beat vs those 3 EASILY (ravens only team that has a claim to be included need more time to be) 📠

Twitter for iPad : There was a day where I would have missed the game winning kick during the 20 second walk from my car to apartment. Thanks to tv on the phone I didn’t miss anything. 🎉

Twitter Web App : Why does Star Wars Fallen Order come out the exact same day as Sword and Shield? Fuck... The game actually seems solid, from what I've heard, which is shocking cause of... it's an EA title.

Android : Hey everyone I hope youve had a great day! I will be going shortly with RDR2! <3 Come chill and hangout with me peeps I am loving this game! <3 GG Community

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Android : 🏈 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🔜⚾️


Your regular Giants baseball craving update:

- Pitcher & Catchers Report = 92 days ⚾️ 💫
- First Spring Training Game = 104 🌵⚾️
- Opening Day = 136 ⚾️ 💥 (#BeatLA)
- Home Opening Day = 144 🏡⚾️ (#BeatLA)

#SFGiants 🥃⚾️