iPhone : This new pro BDS reso by Omar has the nerve to claim moral equivalency between boycotting Nazi Germany & boycotting Israel. Disgraceful! I’m a hard NO on this reso, her past anti-Semitism, hate towards Israel & blame America 1st agenda! Again=>she should NOT be on House Foreign Affairs Committee!

iPhone : Ilhan Omar pushes anti-Israel resolution & says boycotting Israel is like boycotting Nazi Germany? When will the Left condemn this rank anti-Semitism and take some responsibility? video.foxnews.com/v/606146458200…

TweetDeck : #HANNITY: You can’t make this up: Rep Ilhan Omar is actually comparing her proposed boycott of Israel to a boycott of Nazi Germany. We’ll have full coverage of Ilhan Omar and the rest of her “squad,” tonight!


iPhone : Ease of Doing Business, 2018

1. NZ
2. Singapore
3. Denmark

6. US
7. UK
14. Australia
18. Canada
20. Germany
28. Spain
31. France
34. Japan
35. Russia
46. Italy
60. Turkey
72. Indonesia
78. China
82. S Africa
92. Saudi
100. India
124. Iran
145. Nigeria
188. Venezuela

World Bank

twitter_raspo : DRF Luftrettung Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK 117 D-2 (H145) (D-HDSN, #3DDC6D) as flight #CHX62 at 2100 ft heading west bound OTT Wachau, Saxony (Germany)

Android : This is a real magazine cover in Germany. This is how they see our fearless leader. And they know a thing or 2 about Nazis in Germany... he’s ascended to an international embarrassment now. Hey has anyone read the 25th amendment recently?

iPhone : Nick and his #saucerfulofsecrets are in the final part of the July tour, back in Germany, at the open air theatre at Loreley/St Goarshausen, just by the river Rhine. Its part of the Night Of The Prog Festival. Bis heute Abend?

iPhone : Leaders during Angela Merkel's time as Chancellor of Germany.


- Bush
- Obama
- Trump


- Blair
- Brown
- Cameron
- May


- Chirac
- Sarkozy
- Hollande
- Macron


- Prodi
- Berlusconi
- Monti
- Letta
- Renzi
- Gentiloni
- Conte

iPhone : Hey President Trump: I'm an immigrant who served on active duty. My parents were born in China. Your grandfather was born in Germany. I have no more connection to China than you do to Germany. Stop telling immigrants to "leave" or "go back." We are all Americans.

#SaturdayThoughts twitter.com/vicenews/statu…

Twitter Web Client : In 1939, the St. Louis Manifest, a German ship carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, was denied permission to land in the US. Follow St. Louis Manifest to learn what happens when people are stripped of their citizenship rights & when they are sent back. twitter.com/stl_manifest/s…

iPhone : Germany is getting very stabby these days #RefugeesWelcome

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Android : CNBC Because we dont have anymore gold. When Germany had to threaten a lawsuit to get their gold, you know it's some shady shit going on. Venezuela was denied their gold by Britain also,