iPhone : “To his credit the Europeans didn't step up to deal with this ISIS problem – it’s a lot of the reason why we are in this situation today. Now, Angela Merkel of Germany is finally stepping up and telling Turkey to back off....

iPhone : UK refuses to join France, Germany, Finland, and Netherlands in halting arms sales to Turkey over the country's military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria.

Android : Lionel Messi (2014 World Cup): “Özil is Germany’s undisputed star. He’s top class and incredibly creative.”

Android : Watch our latest Vlog (11) -Love Thy Neighbour- as we document the #CaliphoftheMessiahs (aba) stay in Strasbourg before leaving France for Germany. #EuropeTour #IslamintheWest youtube.com/watch?v=a2cXbn…

Twitter Web App : Turkish Commandos joined American and Italian paratroopers during and an airborne assault that was a part of the training exercise #SaberJunction19 at Hohenfels training area in Germany.

Read more: go.usa.gov/xVdgV

Photo by Sgt. Jonathan Pietrantoni


Twitter Web App : The greening of European policies is gathering steam: the EIB is meeting today on its new #energy lending policy. All eyes are on Germany, with green lobbies concerned it may seek to water down the strategy. #renewables #GreenDeal bloomberg.com/news/articles/…

iPhone : Our investigation at a laboratory in Germany revealed the horrors animals face behind closed laboratory doors. Dogs left bleeding and dying, monkeys routinely abused. Join our call for Europe to urgently review animal testing laws: bit.ly/2M7tZ8t

iPhone : “If the current economic slowdown in Germany leads to a rethink of the role of expansionary fiscal policies and reinterpreting the “Black Zero”, both the German and the eurozone economy would benefit.” twitter.com/ing_economics/…

Social Media Publisher App : Wir waren zu Gast beim BPW Düsseldorf - das BPW Germany BPW ist eines der weltweit größten Netzwerke für berufstätige Frauen, wir freuten uns über die Gelegenheit, mit lexoffice angenehm zu verblüffen. #Workshop, #Networking und #Buchhaltung bit.ly/2OvSFpe

Android : Arsenal Mesut Özil) 's Twitter Profile">Mesut Özil Happy birthday Mesut Özil) 's Twitter Profile">Mesut Özil🎂🎉
Özil is unique. There is no copy of him – not even a bad copy.
Özil is like a musician who always plays the right note at the right time.
His timing is perfect .
#Arsenal #WerderBremen #RealMadrid #Germany #Legend

Twitter for iPad : Running a website for the purpose of organizing cyberattacks is bad.