Android : Kita semua bergerak bareng-bareng dengan caranya masing-masing dan itu kesamaan yang mengharukan.. bangga banget dengan persamaan ini, persatuan ini. Girls unite✊✊✊…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Pauli made me look better, but she says young girls do this.

Twitter Web App : waiting till the second someone turns 18 does not somehow alleviate the predatory nature of sexualizing and pursuing girls who are significantly younger than you. please leave 18 year old girls alone

Android : OP said marry me pls & the girls replied:


She thought for awhile but said ok in the end

Chaeyeon 💃
Ok & pls take care of me

I’ll consider

Eunbichan 🦋
「Ahh, marriage~ ♡ huhu」

Marriage!!???(OP: why are you so shocked?!)…

iPhone : Elizabeth Hutchin There’s hope for me yet then 😂 I am just mindful that I have three girls and the teenage years may be stressful if the years 8, 4 and 2 are anything to go by😩🤦‍♀️ none of them seem to like the word NO

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iPhone : Discussing the importance of education for young girls studying science, future king Prince William said he had always wanted to fly #RoyalVisitPakistan

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iPhone : Girls Days Minah threatens legal action against malicious commenter who wrote, Do you wanna go next?…

iPhone : No one:

My 2015 playlist:
•roses- the chainsmokers
•colors- halsey
•crybaby- melanie martinez
•hands to myself- selena gomez
•wild- troye sivan
•girls- the 1975
•arabella- arctic monkeys
•daddy issues- the neighbourhood

Twitter Web App : Unwanted sexual approaches:-
When do they become concerning?
Have you had a situation and what did you do?
How many guys get this or is it just girls?

Android : Kate’s outfit today for her visit to Islamabad Model College for girls is such a hard throwback to this Diana outfit from her last visit to Pakistan!